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3rd Circuit: Mumia Must Have New Sentencing Trial For Death Sentence To Be Reinstated

DA Will Appeal to US Supreme Court

On April 26, 2011 the US Third Circuit Court upheld earlier rulings from 2001 (by US District Court Judge William Yohn) and 2008 (by the same 3rd Circuit panel of three judges) that 'overturned'* the death sentence and stated that if the DA wants to re-instate the death penalty, then Mumia must first be given a new sentencing phase jury trial where Mumia can present evidence of innocence but the jury can only decide between execution or life in prison without parole. (View full ruling)

According to the ruling, the DA has 180 days to decide whether or not to have a new sentencing trial. However, the DA is now appealing this ruling to the US Supreme Court, further postponing the 180 day deadline.

*The word 'overturned' must be qualified because following the 2001 ruling, at the DA's request, Mumia has never left his death row cell or been given general population 'privileges' such as contact visits.
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Exclusive! New Test Shows Key Witnesses Lied at Abu-Jamal Trial; Sidewalk Murder Scene Should Have Displayed Bullet Impacts

The "missing divots" observation challenging the prosecution's contention that Mumia shot down at Officer Faulkner, execution-style (hitting him once and missing three times) has been central to our campaign publicizing the newly discovered Polakoff photos. It has now been put to the test by journalists Linn Washington Jr. and Dave Lindorff, who test-fired bullets into cement and gave the photo of these bullet marks to Robert Nelson, a photo analyst for NASA. Nelson compared it to a photo of the pavement where Officer Faulkner was found, used advanced photo enhancement technology, and concluded that there are no bullet marks in the crime scene photo, which must be visible for the prosecution scenario of the shooting to be true.
Read the full article here, also featured in a shorter version by The Philadelphia Daily News, in full at Black Agenda Report and reported on by Philebrity.

Big Noise Film "Justice on Trial" Confronts FOP-endorsed Film "The Barrel of A Gun"

Justice on Trial was shown at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Sept. 21

JUSTICE ON TRIAL - The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal from bignoisetactical on Vimeo.

Justice On Trial: The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, narrated by Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez premiered the same day as filmmaker Tigre Hill's film The Barrel of a Gun, an anti-Mumia hit piece. Justice On Trial producer, Johanna Fernandez, says: “We decided to confront Tigre’s film with a more thoughtful exploration of the case after we saw the series of initial trailers that he released six months ago."

Photoessay of Sept. 21 Protest in Mexico City (Spanish or English)
IN THE NEWS: Democracy Now! interviews Johanna Fernandez and Dave Lindorff II Philadelphia Inquirer (1, 2, and a video citing Kenneth Freeman and the Polakoff photos) II Philadelphia Daily News (1, 2) II ABC 6 II The Tartan
"THE BARREL OF A GUN" COVERAGE: Michael Smerconish II FOX 29 w/ Executive Producer Kevin Kelly II FOX 29 w/ DA Seth Williams II Philebrity II Philadelphia Magazine says Hill's film is "deeply, viscerally bad...If I didn’t know that this movie was made by a black man, I would think it was made by a bigoted white one."

US Supreme Court Rules Against Mumia

On Tuesday, January 19, the US Supreme Court granted the Philadelphia DA's petition for a writ of certiorari. The Supreme Court has vacated the lower federal courts' 2001/2008 rulings which had overturned Mumia's death penalty and granted a new sentencing-phase jury trial if the death penalty was to be reinstated. The case has now been remanded to the Third Circuit Court, which will now decide whether or not to re-impose the death sentence without the sentencing trial. At issue is how the recent "Spisak" ruling (which reinstated the death penalty for Spisak) impacts Mumia's case, since both involved the "Mills" issue of confusing jury instructions. About this, Mumia's former attorney Robert R. Bryan says "What occurred in Mumia's case is different both procedurally and factually from the jury instructions in Spisak.

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SIGN PETITIONS TO: President Obama and Attorney General Holder

On November 12, Supporters Hold Press Conference in Washington DC to Demand Federal Civil Rights Investigation for Mumia!

New Videos From San Francisco Released in Solidarity

We have just released our videos from the Nov. 8 solidarity event in San Francisco. Watch the Videos Here.

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Read more about the campaign demanding a civil rights investigation here.

View/Download the Nov. 12 flyer here.

NAACP Calls For Civil Rights Investigation

VIDEO: Pam Africa speaks at NAACP State Conference in Pennsylvania

On April 6, 2009, the US Supreme Court rejected Mumia Abu-Jamal's bid for a new guilt-phase trial, but the Court still has not ruled on the DA's effort to execute Abu-Jamal WITHOUT a new sentencing hearing.
As reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, supporters responded by organizing a campaign calling for a federal investigation into Mumia's case. At the NAACP National Convention in July, a resolution was passed calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Mumia's case, as well as those of Troy Davis, Marshall Eddie Conway and Reggie Clemons. PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN HERE

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Read, Download, Print the new ballistics flyer explaining why the DA scenario is impossible!

The Fantasies of Joe McGill - a response to the trailer for the new film "The Barrel of A Gun"

The trailer for the new film about Mumia has just been released (watch here). The film is scheduled for release in December, and all available evidence indicates that it will be extremely biased against Mumia.
The title "The Barrel of A Gun" refers to a quote from Mao Zedong, that Mumia cited when he was the 15 year old Lieutenant of Information for the Philadelphia branch of the Black Panther Party (BPP), speaking about the murder of BPP members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark by the Chicago police and the FBI in 1969: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

In this new article, German author Michael Schiffmann confronts the film's pernicious title and explains why the scenario presented by prosecutor Joe McGill is ballistically impossible.

Read Schiffmann's Article Here (or a PDF with extra graphics)

Photo: The body of Chicago BPP leader Fred Hampton is carried away by smiling police. For more, watch The Murder of Fred Hampton.

The Angola Three: Torture in Our Own Backyard

They were framed for murder after organizing a Black Panther Party prison chapter at the infamous Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Together, Herman Wallace, Robert King, and Albert Woodfox have spent more than 100 years in solitary confinement. Read the full story at Alternet.

Call In Campaign for MOVE 9 Parole Hearings!

The remaining eight of the MOVE 9 are now eligible for parole after being unfairly denied last year. Please visit our special blog page for information on the support campaign.


Mumia's New Book On Jailhouse Lawyers

"More Than A Book Party" events held around US

(VIDEO: Angela Davis in Oakland, April 24)
Purchase Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v. the U.S.A., directly from City Lights Books. Read the foreword by former political prisoner Angela Y. Davis and an interview with Mumia about his new book. In Mumia's words, "This is the story of law learned, not in the ivory towers of multi-billion-dollar endowed universities, but in the bowels of the slave-ship, in the hidden, dank dungeons of America."

"More Than A Book Party" events were held in the US around April 24, to mark Mumia's birthday and the release of Jailhouse Lawyers. Read more about events in: Philadelphia (including a Revolutionary Week of Events), NYC, Oakland, Los Angeles, Boston, Portland, Seattle & Olympia, WA, Houston, Washington, DC, and Baltimore.

Read reviews by: Carolina Saldaña, Linn Washington, Jr., J. Patrick O'Connor, Jaisal Noor, Todd S. Burroughs and Kiilu Nyasha

Mumia Abu-Jamal Faces the US Supreme Court

The December 6 week of international solidarity links his struggle to that of all political prisoners

View the full photo/video/text article!

Watch Journalists for Mumia's video report from the Dec. 6 protest in Philadelphia, along with extended video footage of the presentation at the 13th and Locust crime scene (download the accompanying presentation flyer or view the online version) and the DVD video shown at Dec.6 events around the US: "Fighting for Mumia's Freedom: a report from Philadelphia".

On Dec. 19, 2008, Mumia filed his appeal to the US Supreme Court, asking it to consider his case for a new guilt-phase trial. Last month, the Philadelphia DA filed its separate appeal to the court asking to have Abu-Jamal executed without a new sentencing-phase trial. The deadline for Mumia to respond to the DA's appeal is January 21, 2009.

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**View / Download Updated Flyer Here!**

The Philadelphia DA Will Appeal to Execute Mumia Without a New Penalty-Phase Trial!

On Monday, Oct. 20, a legal update from Mumia's lawyer announced that the DA is appealing to the US Supreme Court regarding the 3rd Circuit’s March 27, 2008 affirmation of Judge William Yohn’s 2001 decision, which 'overturned' the death penalty and stated that if the DA wants to re-impose the death sentence, they must hold a new penalty-phase jury trial. The DA will submit their petition by Nov. 19, 2008.
Simultaneously, Mumia is appealing the 3rd Circuit Court decision denying a new guilt-phase trial or a preliminary hearing that could have led to a new guilt phase trial. The Supreme Court has granted his request for a 60-day extension, so he will submit his petition by Dec. 19, 2008.

DOWNLOAD special legal update flyer here!

BREAKING! US Supreme Court Rejects Mumia Abu-Jamal's PCRA appeal

 Click here for our full report.

On Monday, October 6, the US Supreme Court rejected Mumia's PCRA appeal based on the affidavits of Kenneth Pate and Yvette Williams.

This is completely separate from the appeal to the US Supreme Court re. the recent Third Circuit decision that denied a new guilt phase trial. The deadline for Mumia and the DA to appeal this to the US Supreme Court is October 20, unless either side applies for a 60 day extension.

New British Film About Mumia Showing in NYC and Oakland

For the first time since its US Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival last January, "In Prison My Whole Life" will be shown in the US-- at the Urbanworld Film Festival in NYC on Sept. 11 & 13, and at the CR10 Conference in Oakland, CA, on Sept. 26.
SEE: the new interview with Livia Giuggioli Firth marking the NYC premiere, the Oct., 2007 interview with William Francome, and Linn Washington Jr.'s new article: Screening Mumia: The Suppression of Dissent in America

BREAKING: Third Circuit Court Rules Against Mumia Abu-Jamal's 'en banc' appeal

July 22, 2008

Read the response from Mumia's attorney, and articles by Linn Washington Jr, Jeff Mackler, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Aug. 9 Town Hall Meeting for Mumia in Philadelphia!

VIDEO: Fourth of July Protest at the Liberty Bell

Supporters Mobilize as Mumia Appeals for New Trial

On June 27, Mumia Abu-Jamal filed an appeal (officially accepted on July 7) of a March 27 US Third Circuit Court ruling that rejected his bid for a new guilt-phase trial.

On the 4th of July in Philadelphia, over 75 supporters of Abu-Jamal gathered at the Liberty Bell, including Rebel Diaz, Sundiata Sadiq, Theresa Shoatz, and Pam Africa (View Photos and Video).

ALSO SEE: 4th of July report by Betsey Piette; photos by Joe Piette II New articles on The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal by Carolina Saldaña, Linn Washington Jr., and Dissident Voice II Philadelphia events for Mumia and the MOVE 9 on Aug. 8 & 9

April 19 Phila.

(Also Watch our video from the March 31 demo)

Outraged by the March 27 denial of a new guilt phase trial for Mumia, 500-1000 people gathered at the Federal Courthouse, circled the Liberty Bell, and marched to City Hall, where speakers included Cynthia McKinney, Julia Wright, and Harold Wilson.  

VIEW the PHOTOS and VIDEO, featuring an exclusive interview with Veronica Jones about her new book.

We released our newspaper (see PDF) on April 19, and passed out over 2,600 copies.

SEE:    Free Speech Radio News II People's Video Network II Demo at US Embassy in Mexico City II POCC Block Report Radio Show II Betsey Piette's A19 report II Alternet report II Leonard Peltier for Mumia II FIST Statement II LGBT Rainbow Flags for Mumia II Imani Henry's Podcast II Cynthia McKinney Speech II Photos of KSS Racists at Geno's II Call to Pressure Officials II Michael Schiffmann's new articles on Judge Sabo, The Batson Ruling, and Billy Cook's Trial

Third Circuit Court Denies Mumia a New Guilt-Phase Trial

While ruling against the three issues that could have led to a new guilt-phase trial, the court affirmed Judge Yohn's 2001 decision overturning the death sentence. If the District Attorney wants to re-instate the death sentence, the DA must call for a new penalty-phase jury trial that would be limited to the question of life in prison without a chance of parole or a death sentence. See responses from Pam Africa, former lead attorney Robert R. Bryan (on Democracy Now! and Free Radio Santa Cruz), the full text of the court decision (including Judge Ambro's dissenting opinion regarding the Batson issue), The Natiional Lawyers Guild and the articles by the Philadelphia Inquirer (w/ special archive page), Dave Lindorff (also in the Philadelphia Inquirer) , Linn Washington Jr., Jeff Mackler on NPR with Maureen Faulkner Michael Schiffmann's statement on behalf of The German Network Against the Death Penalty and to Free Mumia, and from Mexico.

Journalists for Mumia is extremely dissappointed and outraged by this decision. There were emergency demonstrations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.
MUMIA RESPONDS TO THE COURT RULING in a new interview with the POCC's Minister of Information JR and Chairman Fred Hampton Jr on The Block Report Radio Show and in The SF Bay View Newspaper. Click here to LISTEN or READ it.

DOWNLOAD the Press Pack from the March 31 Press Conference at the federal courthouse in Philadelphia as a pdf or a word file. Read Betsey Piette's report, as well as The Philadelphia Inquirer article covering the event!

**New articles on O'Connor's book by Carolina Saldaña, Linn Washington Jr., Hans Bennett, and radio shows Law and Disorder, Jazz and Justice, and KOWA**

VIDEO interview with J. Patrick O'Connor

Author of the new book, The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Just Released in May!

(WATCH PARTS 1, 2, and 3)

On May 1, the day of the book's release, AJN interviewed O'Connor at Philadelphia City Hall. The next day, The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal was featured in The NY Times: "Book Asserts Black Reporter Didn't Kill White Officer in '81."
Read our exclusive interview from April, focusing on the frame-up, Kenneth Freeman, the March 27 court ruling, and Frank Rizzo's legacy.
O’Connor argues that the actual shooter was Kenneth Freeman and he criticizes the media, who “bought into the prosecution’s story line early on and has never been able to see this case for what it is: a framing of an innocent and peace loving man.” For more on “The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal” we are featuring an excerpt, a previous interview, O’Connor’s review of “Murdered By Mumia,” and his response to the March 27 ruling.

MOVE 9 Parole Hearings

Watch the AJN videos of the May 10 protest, Harrisburg State Capitol press conference, Ramona Africa, Mike Africa Jr, How MOVE met Mumia, Mike Africa Jr: May 13, 1985, and Ramona Africa remembers the MOVE 9 Trial
This week, MOVE was informed that Delbert and Phil's parole interview is "postponed indefinitely". On May 10, Mike and Eddie were denied parole, which followed the April 22 denial of parole for the three women: Debbie, Janine, Janet. Chuck will be eligible six months later than the others. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that parole was denied to the women on grounds that they minimized or denied the "nature and circumstances" of the offense, "refused to accept responsibility" and lacked remorse, and the "negative recommendation" by the prosecutor. Read responses from both MOVE, Journalists for Mumia, and Linn Washington Jr.

Background on the Parole Hearings

30 years after the Aug. 8, 1978 police siege on MOVE's West Philadelphia home, the remaining eight prisoners are eligible for parole (see Philadelphia Inquirer, Black Commentator, and Metro articles). Please contact the Parole Board and sign the online petition (already signed by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky) .
In a recent interview, veteran Philadelphia journalist Linn Washington Jr. cites his sources in the police department who told him that Officer James Ramp was actually shot by police gunfire, and not MOVE. Audio Clips: Was Officer Ramp Killed By Police Gunfire?; The Illegal Destruction of MOVE's House; Manipulation of Evidence and Media Bias; Ed Rendell and Prison Guard Violence Against MOVE; Unfair Parole Stipulations; and May 13, 1985.

See our MOVE 9 Parole blog for updates, and be sure to watch the 2004 MOVE documentary narrated by Howard Zinn.

PA Supreme Court Rejects PCRA Appeal

On Feb. 19, in a ruling unrelated to the pending US Third Circuit Court decision, the PA Supreme Court rejected Mumia's appeal of a 2005 ruling, which had rejected his PCRA petition(AP and Philadelphia Inquirer).
With the pending federal ruling now more crucial than ever, "day after" demonstrations are planned.

Presentation Videos Online

"Murdered by Mumia?" Press Conference
Our recent slideshow presentation of the Polakoff photos is now available on You Tube and Google Video.

The "Murdered by Mumia?" press conference has just been made into a short video: "This government, using corporate media, is laying the groundwork for a murder." (VIEW PARTS ONE AND TWO)

This is also available UNEDITED in two parts on Google Video (1/2, 2/2) and in 11 parts on You Tube: Hans Bennett, David A. Love, Dave Lindorff (1/2, 2/2), Linn Washington, Jr. (1/2, 2/2), Pam Africa (1/2, 2/2), and questions about The Polakoff Photos (1/2, 2/2), Media Bias, and The May 17 Oral Arguments.

WHYY Asks Maureen Faulkner about the Photos

When asked about PO Forbes' handling of the guns, Faulkner said: "I don't know if his hands are actually on the grip of the gun, it seems like he has his finger holding the gun through the actual trigger part, but not on the handle of the gun. At that time, I'm sure the evidence was somewhat contaminated."
Listen to the next day's debate between Dave Lindorff and John Hayden via Real Player or MP3.

NBC Today Show Spotlights Crime Scene Photos!

Read's Analysis of the Dec.6 show, including Michael Schiffmann's response to Maureen Faulkner's criticism of the new photos.
Listen to the Dec. 6 WBAI Show reflecting on The Today Show featuring Suzanne Ross, Orie Lumumba, Hans Bennett, Linn Washington Jr, and Pam Africa.

Reuters Spotlights Crime Scene Photos!

At the "Murdered By Mumia?" press conference, journalists and activists present evidence of an unfair trial and Mumia's innocence.

The press conference featured a presentation of the new crime scene photos. Guest speakers at the conference included David A. Love, Dave Lindorff, Linn Washington Jr, and Pam Africa of ICFFMAJ.
Also check out David A. Love's Black Commentator report on the press conference.

MySpace and YouTube Videos

We have just started our own YouTube and MySpace pages, with online videos like the McMahon Phila DA Training Video and Framing an Execution (about 20/20).

Photos Bolster Claims of Mumia's Innocence and Unfair Trial

by David A. Love, The Black Commentator
"A group of journalists is determined to seek a fair retrial of death row prisoner, noted journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, and they point to evidence they say provides further proof of his innocence: photos from the crime scene that the jury never had the chance to see."
David Love's article is featured in the SF Bay View Newspaper, which is now the first publication in the US (besides Abu-Jamal News) to publish Polakoff's photo of Officer Forbes mishandling the guns.

The FBI's War on Black Liberation:
COINTELPRO and the Panthers

By Ron Jacobs, Counterpunch, October 20 / 21, 2007
While also spotlighting the cases of The SF 8, Veronza Bowers, Jr., and Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown), Ron Jacobs writes that the new Mumia Abu-Jamal crime scene photos in German author Michael Schiffmann's book:

"cast more doubt on the state's case by apparently disproving the prosecution's statements that Mumia stood over Officer Faulkner and fired at him several times. The photos show no marks from the bullets that were supposedly fired in this fashion. In fact, the sidewalk was not damaged in any way. Schiffmann goes on to write: 'it is thus no question anymore whether the scenario presented by the prosecution at Abu-Jamal's trial is true. It is clearly not, because it is physically and ballistically impossible.' The remainder of the photos show a scenario that constantly contradicts the testimony of officers and witnesses (apparently coerced) and the nature of the scene they described in Mumia's original trial."

In Prison My Whole Life

This new British documentary about Mumia premiered at the London Film Festival and at Rome's International Film Festival on October 25 ( review). Read our exclusive interview with William Francome, who reveals for the first time that In Prison My Whole Life prominently showcases the newly discovered crime scene photos, featuring interviews with German author Michael Schiffmann and Philadelphia photographer Pedro P. Polakoff.
Watch the trailer:

Courtroom Audio: May 17 Oral Arguments

Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal presents the courtroom audio from Mumia Abu-Jamal's May 17 oral arguments before the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals.
Listen to the unedited, complete 2 hr. 15 min MP3 file or listen to the short excerpts selected by

Racism and Injustice:
The Trials of Mumia Abu-Jamal

By Margaret Prescod, Pacifica Radio National Special, August, 2007. Features Danny Glover, Linn Washington, Jr., Dave Lindorff, Robert R. Bryan, Michael Schiffmann, and Mumia himself.

Mumia Abu-Jamal: On the Road to Freedom?

By Jeff Mackler
It is difficult to imagine that the systematic race and class bias that permeate America's criminal "justice" system could be set aside and that the nation's most famed and innocent death row inmate and political prisoner of 25 years, Mumia Abu-Jamal, could win a new trial and freedom.
But that is precisely what appeared to be unfolding on May 17 in the packed Ceremonial Courtroom of the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia as a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, in full view of 200 riveted Mumia supporters and others from across the country and around the world, mercilessly queried Pennsylvania's lead prosecutor and persecutor, Hugh Burns.
In contrast, Mumia's three-person legal team of Robert R. Bryan, Judith Ritter, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund amicus curiae (friend of the court) counsel Christina Swarns appeared to have the rapt, if not sympathetic, attention of the three judges during most the two-and-a-half-hour proceeding.

Attention, MOVE: This is America!

The MOVE 9 prisoners were sentenced 30-100 years for the death of Philadelphia Police Officer James Ramp during the August 8, 1978 police assault on MOVE's headquarters. The remaining MOVE 9 prisoners (Merle Africa suspiciously died in 1998) are still in prison despite (1) extensive destruction of evidence by the police and (2) powerful evidence that Officer Ramp was actually killed by police "friendly fire."
The eight remaining MOVE prisoners will be eligible for parole in 2008, and MOVE has begun to organize around the upcoming hearings.
Mumia Abu-Jamal was one of the few journalists who reported fairly on MOVE. The frightening examples of illegality and fraud used to convict the MOVE 9 provide a proper historical context for Abu-Jamal's 1982 trial.
Watch the recent documentary MOVE, narrated by Howard Zinn:

Can't see video? Download plugin or View it here

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Newly Discovered Polakoff Crime Scene Photos: 20 FAQs --Co-written by Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal and Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal

The first 3 photos displayed below are taken from the Dec. 8, 2007 slide show by Journalists for Mumia, shown in the embedded video above.

The original photos being displayed by the slide show are taken by Pedro Polakoff, who retains the copyright for the original photos. However, permission is granted to reprint these 3 photos taken at the 2007 slide show, as long as they are not cropped and is credited as the source--so, please help spread the word.

(PHOTO:  Officer James Forbes holds both Abu-Jamal's and Faulkner's guns in his bare hand and touches the metal parts. This contradicts his later court testimony that he had preserved the ballistics evidence.)

(PHOTO: The parking spot immediately past Officer Faulkner's car is empty, all the way to the end of the curb. This empty space is where prosecution witness Robert Chobert testified that he was parked.)

(PHOTO:  As also shown in the first photo, of Officer Forbes holding two guns, Billy Cook's hat is on the roof of his car, not on the sidewalk, where it would later appear for the official police photo, as shown directly below)

(PHOTO:  On the sidewalk, where Faulkner was found, there are no large bullet divots, or destroyed chunks of cement, which should be visible in the pavement if the prosecution scenario was accurate, according to which Abu-Jamal shot down at Faulkner - and allegedly missed several times - while Faulkner was on his back. Dr. Michael Schiffmann writes: "It is thus no question any more whether the scenario presented by the prosecution at Abu-Jamal's trial is true. It is clearly not, because it is physically and ballistically impossible." This observation is supported by the new photos, the official police photo shown above and by a recent ballistics test filmed by Ted Passon and performed by journalists Linn Washington Jr. and Dave Lindorff in the embedded video directly below.)  

The Newly Discovered Polakoff Crime Scene Photos: 20 FAQs

--Co-written by Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal and Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu-Jamal has been on Pennsylvania's death row for over a quarter of a century. His 1982 conviction for the shooting death of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, has been contested by jurists, human rights organizations, and peoples of conscience the world over. Even though he is arguably the most famous political prisoner in the United States, his case and struggle for justice distill many of the issues that racially stigmatized groups and others have faced in the United States for decades: police brutality and violence, racist applications of the death penalty, prosecutorial misconduct, suborning of witnesses, and the use of wealth and political privilege in criminal justice systems to service the ideological interests of groups and classes in power.